Ruth Long, Age 88

The first draft of Ruth Long, Age 88 is finally complete! Writing this book was a completely different experience than writing The House on Maple Street. Being a mystery/suspense novel, the outline for that book was very detailed and I had a very set plot structure in mind. But Ruth Long is so different.

This story is a humorous work, written in a stream of consciousness style. If you are a fan of A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, I think you’ll enjoy the style of the writing in this case. I wanted my reader to feel as though they were sitting down to a conversation with Ruth. Like she was sitting across from you, telling her the events of her life. Of course, she wouldn’t be sitting across from you, because she’s laying in a casket through the entire book. Similarly, Ruth’s family give their own versions of the stories and are used to fill in the gaps. Talk about things Ruth wouldn’t necessarily know.

I’m currently taking a break from work on this book to give myself a chance to see it with fresh eyes when I start editing later this month. When it comes to editing, I’m becoming a fan of the ‘read aloud’ feature. It’s great for finding typos that a spell check won’t catch. But I also find it incredibly helpful to hear my work being read so I can identify where the writing is clunky or needs to be reworded.

There is no official release date planned for this book just yet but I’ll be keeping you updated as it comes closer. In the meantime, I’m now posting short story work to Reddit. I hope you’ll consider giving my work an ‘upvote’. Thank you for reading!

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3 Comments on “Ruth Long, Age 88”

  1. I like your idea about reading aloud for editing. I’m always finding errors I missed on the first or second read throughs. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great idea on taking a break before you go back with editing. I often do that myself although It’s usually because I move on to new projects before editing.

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