The House on Maple Street

The House on Maple Street is continuing to get great reviews and I am so pleased with the response. One of the things I enjoyed about writing this book was creating a character like Hillary’s landlord, Keith. He’s the creepy you just love to hate. I really set out to create someone that makes the reader’s skin crawl but at the same time, he’s slightly misunderstood in a way.

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The story is set in New England and follows Hillary Altman through her first semester of graduate school at JC, a small private collage. Hillary is a bit of a procrastinator and waits to the last minute to find housing. While she has some reservations about the creepy landlord, she feels she has found the perfect place when she finds a room in the Maple Street Boarding House.


It doesn’t take long for Hillary to discovery that all is not as perfect as it seems at the Maple Street Boarding house between a neighbor only she seems to have met to her landlord’s checkered past. We also get glimpses into Hillary’s neighbor, Evelyn’s research project and the tragic past of the Maple Street house. The story is fast past and full of action.

The House on Maple Street is available in ebook and paperback. If you’ve had the opportunity to read it, please remember to leave a review to help other readers discover it.

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  1. Interested in reading your book. Sounds like intriguing storyline and it’s always fun to have complicated characters as you describe the landlord.

  2. So excited for you Heidi! I tweeted the link, trying to get the word out! Sounds like a wonderful story, looking forward to diving in the pages of your novel. Bravo!

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