99 Cent Novellas

Last week, I featured new details about “The Package”, a thriller story centered around Noa. Noa is a travel blogger with a passion for Cold War spy novels. After launching a second blog, centered around the topic catches some unintended attention, Noa finds herself in the middle of her own spy thriller. The story will be fast paced and action packed, with some moments of levity mixed in.

This week, I wanted to give you a peek into the other story, which is yet without a name. Which is the next challenge I have set for myself in the work on this story. It really needs a name! But the character development is coming along nicely.

Avie is living in Phoenix and working in a career that leaves her completely unfulfilled. Which is an “author-y” way of saying she absolutely hates her job. Life in general really hasn’t been working out the way she planned, really, given she is in her mid-thirties and still hopelessly single. To keep herself sane, she decides to pursue her passion for writing.


Avie feels like her life is about to finally take a major turn for the better when she reads her horoscope at a family New Year’s Eve party. A long standing tradition she has never taken seriously. But this year’s prediction says a major life dream is about to come true. Unfortunately for Avie, her mother and aunties decide it’s the year she finally gets married already!

Enter two potential suitors, David and Jonah. One she meets at a singles event her mother guilts her into attending at her shul. The other is the result of a message received through a dating app Avie discovers she has an account on…thanks to her meddling aunties. The story ends with a bit of a twist but you’ll have to read the book to find out what it is!

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  1. You’re really amazing to be able to do all this writing. I have a hard enough time just putting one a blog post much less writing novels and writing blog posts. Good job.

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