Book Review: The Red Thread of Secrets

By Grazia Buscaglia Bonesso

Giulia is an author and journalist who has experienced great success in her career but her personal life has it’s share of secrets. The story takes place at a book signing, where Giulia is meeting fans of her new novel but the event causes her mind to wander back to her somewhat troubled past.

I find the cover art really interesting and the blurb on the back cover intrigued me. I read the English edition of this book, translated from the original Italian. There are a few issues with the translation where sentence structure isn’t quite right. For example, an adjective following a noun instead of being placed before it. I also found the improper grammar distracting. The dialogue is marked with hyphens instead of quotation marks. It was incorporated into paragraphs, instead each speaker getting a new paragraph. It was difficult, at times, to discern which character was speaking and to follow the conversations.

Looking past all of that, the main character, Giulia, is wonderfully complex. She goes through some very challenging circumstances in her early life. It’s evident in the story how all her past experiences shape her worldview and the person she is, when the story moves into the present time. The history of her relationship with her childhood friend, Enrico, is very well developed. The major conflict of the book could have been expanded upon further. I found myself wanting to understand more about the changes in the relationship between Giulia and Enrico when Elena comes into the story.

Overall, it’s a quick read if you’re looking for an international book to add to your reading list.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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  1. This seems like an interesting read. Will probably check it out if I can find it at my local bookstore.

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