99 Cent Novellas

I am back to work on the 99 cent novella double feature! I’m currently working on drafting “The Package”. Noa is shaping up into a really interesting character. Currently, the chapter I’m working on dives into her back story. Her childhood discovery of the Cold War and her fascination with spies. A scholarship program that gets her a trip to Europe and helps her find her love of travel.

Noa comes from something a difficult past. She never knew her father. Her mother abandoned her to a grandmother who provides for her basic needs of daily living. But who lacks any warmth or affection toward her. She’s an introverted child who fades into the background at school. The librarian at her local public library finally takes her under wing. She becomes like a much needed big sister.

The librarian takes on another influential role in Noa’s life, later on in the story, but that’s a twist we’ll save later. The reader should anticipate that they can’t always trust what they’re being told as this story develops.

Next week, I’ll be giving you more details about the other novella, which I can now report finally has a name! That story is to be called “Signs”. I’m looking forward to telling you more about the significance of the title and about the characters next week.

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  1. Sounds interesting. It’s wonderful that you seem to always have numerous projects in the works. Keep writing! 🙂

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