And The Nominees Are…

The cover art for The House on Maple Street is nominated for an award on Alternative Read! And it’s one of the featured works among the nominees!! But I need your help.

My cover art was designed by my friend and artist, Maggie Boraz (follow her on IG at @maggieboraz). There are so many elements in the art that tie into the story. The house, in many ways, is really a character unto itself. The original art is a painting over torn paper. There is a story within a story in the book. The torn paper alludes to the research project being done by Evelyn Burke, on the history of the Maple Street house. The bold colors and shading were inspired by the house’s tragic past and the conflict among the characters. It captures the story perfectly.

Winners are decided by votes. You can vote daily from now until March 27th. Please visit Alternative Read to vote for my cover! It’s book number 4. Thank you for your support!

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