99 Cent Novellas

Welcome back readers! I decided to take a little hiatus for some self-care time recently but I am happy to be back at the keyboard working again. Taking a break means release of the ninety-nine cent novella double feature is going to be pushed back just a little. I will update when I have a more definite release date.

I am really looking forward to getting back to work on these projects. I have some new twists for the stories that I hope will make them even better. Be watching for new updates, including sneak peeks, interviews with the characters, and, of course, cover art reveals!

The first story, called The Package, is based on a short story I wrote, by the same title. Noa is a travel blogger with a love of Cold War era spy novels. Starting a blog on the subject, on a whim, ends up having unintended consequences, when it catches the attention of someone she never expected.

The second story, called Signs, is a Jewish rom-com that will have your bubbe saying, ‘oy vey!’ Ahvie is a single, disenchanted underwriter, living in Phoenix. But according to a horoscope reading at a family New Year’s Eve party, this is finally going to be her year. Which her aunties assume mean this is the year they FINALLY see her under the chuppah. Ahvie’s life is definitely in for a big change but is really going to come in the form of love?

I’m also looking forward to getting back to blogging. Starting in April, in addition to updates on my writing, book reviews, and all things literary, I’m going to be featuring more of my lifestyle interests. I’m going to be tapping into the library in my kitchen to bring you cookbook features as well as highlight a few more travel destinations.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the cookbook for more ideas. Also looking for new things to cook. Hopefully we all have some travel destination soon.

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