Ninety-nine Cent Novellas

After taking a break from writing, I’m seeing my ninety-nine cent novellas with fresh eyes. Which means reworking, lots and lots of reworking!

This past weekend, I spent some time working on Signs, including writing and editing a full chapter of the story. Which led to a full reworking of the outline. I don’t work from a traditional outline when I write. I tend to create a loose thought dump that I then break into conceptual summaries of each chapter in the book. That’s what I work off of when writing. Unfortunately, as I started working with the notes I had, I found my character summaries were in good shape. But my outline was way too vague!

After an all day work session, I feel much better about where I am with this project and the direction it’s heading in. I’m also approaching this one a little differently, in that I’m not writing the first draft in order. In fact the chapter, I wrote was the middle of the book. Next weekend, I’ll likely do the same with The Package. I’m a little further into writing that story but it definitely needs some heavy editing!

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