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The May Short Story Feature Contest closes tonight! I like to look through pictures when I’m in need of inspiration. So for my monthly contests, I select an image as the writing prompt. Your assignment for this contest is to create a short story inspired by this image:

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Stories are to be 1,500 to 3,000 words. All genres welcome. Please keep it ‘R’ rated or less. No discriminatory content.

Selected entries will be featured here during the month of June.

You retain exclusive rights to your work and are free to republish. Republished stories are welcome.

This contest is not affiliated with any other organization other than this site.

To enter, complete the Entry Form below. Please include a brief bio which may include social media handles and the titles of any published works you would like to promote.

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Read the April Feature Story:

The Unexpected Vacation

By John Scott

Tom and Kathy had met their freshman year of high school. Tom was brilliant beyond his years and was often recognized for it but didn’t want to be known as merely a scholastic. He had a razor-sharp wit and a charming demeanor that girls seemed to be drawn to. It was only the spark in his blue eyes that could give any hint if he was being serious or putting you on. Kathy was bright but had limited use for school, however she had a radiant smile and distinct high pitched laugh that set her apart.


Together they made a remarkable pair. Tom came from privilege, raised in a conservative, white collar home in one of the affluent suburbs. The expectations that his parents had for his life were clear from his earliest memories, but that would need to wait. This was time to have fun and all that responsibility could find its place in the future. Kathy grew up in the city. Her dad was a custodian but he was a proud man and lit up when he saw his beautiful girl. Tom had grown his hair out and both he and Kathy had matching shoulder length blonde hair all in ringlets. From the back you couldn’t tell them apart, especially if they were on a bus together.  Tom was always cutting up and regularly invented ways to make Kathy laugh. They gave no thought to the different stations of society they came from but lived in the moment. You never knew what lengths they would go to be funny and were the life of every party… (continue reading)

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