What I’m Reading

So many books, so little time! I am an avid reader and love to share recommendations with fellow readers. This month, I’m starting off by reviewing a few of my favorites. My choice in books tend to vary by my mood but some of my favorites are mystery, suspense, and thriller. Each month I’ll be featuring new titles, including recent reads and old favorites. I would love your recommendations so please drop them in the comments!

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A Prayer for Owen Meany

A Prayer for Owen Meany has become a favorite on my bookshelf. The humor keeps the story entertaining and Irving’s stream of consciousness writing keeps the story moving without becoming confusing.

I found Owen’s family, specifically his mother, to be sympathetic characters who invoked pity.

This is a well-told story that will hold your interest from start to finish.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight is an enthralling, true account of survival in Nazi occupied Poland, during WWII. This under-appreciated work should be on every reader’s list. It is truly an incredible story of survival.


The Wife Between Us

The Wife Between Us is a gripping thriller that is hard to put down. Just when you think you have it figured out, the story takes another twist. It really keeps you guessing. I love a good psychological thriller and this is one that I recommend to everyone, when asked what I like to read.

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