“No great thing is created suddenly.” ~ Epictetus

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My debut novel, The House on Maple Street, can be found on Amazon and Barns & Noble. And now available on Book Depository!

From the back cover: Excited for a fresh new start, Hillary Altman is about to begin her first semester of graduate school at small New England college. Ever the procrastinator, Hillary waits to the last minute to find housing. But fate smiles upon her, when she takes a room in a picturesque Victorian home, run as a boarding house. But Hillary quickly finds, that all is not as it seems at The House on Maple Street…

“Cleverly crafted” and “unexpectedly enticing.” – Readers’ Favorite

This fast-paced book engages the reader immediately and is a must read for anyone who loves a mystery.” – The Reedsy Team

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My Work In Progress

My work in progress is titled Ruth Long, Age 88 and is book one of a six book series. Ruth Long is the unapologetically sarcastic matriarch of a mid-west family. The story is a first person narrative as Ruth reflects on her life, her relationships, and her family. Because Ruth Long has recently died. The story takes place on the day of her funeral as she picks apart the way her family choose to memorialize her with a deliciously sharp wit.

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Book Review – Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots

By Deborah Feldman Deborah Feldman grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the Samtar sect of Hasidic Judaism, a highly secretive ultra-orthodox community. Deborah was raised by her grandparents after her parents’ marriage failed and her mother left the community. In her memoir, Ms Feldman tells her story of her upbringing in this very restrictive, conservative […]


Ninety-nine Cent Novellas

After taking a break from writing, I’m seeing my ninety-nine cent novellas with fresh eyes. Which means reworking, lots and lots of reworking! This past weekend, I spent some time working on Signs, including writing and editing a full chapter of the story. Which led to a full reworking of the outline. I don’t work […]


Ruth Long, Age 88

I’m enjoying revisiting Ruth Long, Age 88 after a bit of a break. The story is drafted and is in the process of being edited. As that process is coming to an end, I’m looking ahead at continuing the series. When I started mapping out this series, I was inspired by series, like Modern Love […]