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So many books, so little time! I am an avid reader and love to share recommendations with fellow readers. My choice in books tend to vary by my mood but some of my favorites are mystery, suspense, thriller, and humor. Get my reviews direct to your inbox every Wednesday and check back here for monthly features.

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[Book Review] Masada: Thou Shalt Not Kill by Shimon Avish

By Shimon Avish Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous second Temple period, we meet Daniel. At the age of 18, Daniel is abducted by Sicarii assassins. Determined to survive, Daniel finds himself forced to abandon Jewish law and to follow the ways of his captors. Daniel finds himself encountering choice after choice, shaping him […]

[Book Review] Night of Beginnings: A Passover Haggadah by Marcia Falk

By Marcia Falk In time for Pesach 5782 comes a new Haggadah by Marcia Falk. This new text provides the full narrative from the Exodus and provides a feminist perspective on the familiar story from the perspectives of Miriam; Shifrah and Pu’ah, the Hebrew midwives responsible for saving the lives of Hebrew babies; as well […]

[Book Review] The Mandarin Seed by Olga Swan

By Olga Swan Set in 1930s Vienna, no one wants to believe the horrors of war will cross the Austrian boarder. But with the terrors of the Nazis increasing, Eva and Michael, along with showgirl, Marta, needing to find a way out. As the situation continues to grow increasingly desperate, planning their escape becomes increasingly […]

[Book Review] The Promise of the Pelican by Roy Hoffman

By Roy Hoffman Hank Weinberg, an octogenarian and survivor of the Shoah, is adjusting to new roles in life, after retiring from his law practice. That of widower and ‘Gradee’, grandfather. He suddenly finds himself in the role of primary caretaker to his grandson, with the help of his Honduran babysitter, Lupita, when his daughter […]

[Book Review] Tetterbaum’s Truth by S. R. Claridge

By S. R. Claridge Book 1 in the Just Call Me Angel series, Angel Martin takes a job at Tetterbaum’s Pub. A distraction as she nurses a broken heart when her boyfriend, Tony, suddenly disappears. What Angel doesn’t realize is her new place of employment is a favorite hangout of members of the mafia in […]

[Book Review] The Hidden Saint by Mark Levenson

By Mark Levenson Based on Jewish folklore, The Hidden Saint, follows Rabbi Adam. When his family is nearly wiped out Rabbi Adam sets off on a quest to destroy a supernatural force and recover his youngest son, who has been abducted. The story centers around 18th century Eastern Europe and interweaves fantasy, magic, and mysticism. […]

[Book Review] The Resurrector by Moshe Mikanovsky

By Moshe Mikanovsky The Levi family is sitting shiva – the Jewish tradition of observing a week-long period of mourning. The family has been shattered by the death of the middle son, Nir. The loss brings back together a father, elder son, and daughter whose relationships have been damaged following the loss of the children’s […]

[Book Review] Jacobo’s Rainbow by David Hirshberg

By David Hirshberg Set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement and the war in Vietnam, Jacobo leaves his home in New Mexico for college where he joins efforts to register Black Americans to vote. But when his work lands him in jail, Jacobo is faced with a choice to be released on condition […]

[Book Review] The Flip Side of Love by Ashley Amber

By Ashley Amber James Letta is going on tour to promote a new album in the UK. Accompanied by his girlfriend, Spirit, the pair decide to take in the sights between interviews and shows. But something goes awry when Spirit’s magic traps the couple in a loop, reliving the same day. The only way out […]

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An Interview with Authors of Bookstagram

As an active member of the Bookstagram community, I have the opportunity to network with many fellow authors and book lovers. Recently, when planning some new Reels content, I decided to broaden my network and get to know my fellow writers a little better. Over the course of twelve weeks, I asked interview questions. Now […]

An Interview with Author Rose Ross

Rose Ross was the first child born in the Neustadt, Germany displaced persons camp (1946). “Growing up in the Bronx, the only child of Holocaust survivors, affected me deeply, filling up my mind and the very air I breathed, ” says Ross. “Their story, and the stories of other survivors, and the second generation of […]

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