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So many books, so little time! I am an avid reader and love to share recommendations with fellow readers. My choice in books tend to vary by my mood but some of my favorites are mystery, suspense, thriller, and humor. Get my reviews direct to your inbox every Wednesday and check back here for monthly features.

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[Book Review] The Interpreter by AJ Sidransky

By AJ Sidransky American GI Kurt Berlin finds himself being recruited by the OSS to serve as a translator in war-torn Europe, during the interrogations of captured Nazis. Through his work, Berlin discovers the Nazi responsible for his own persecution before he fled Europe as a refugee. He finds himself facing a moral dilemma as […]

[Book Review] Letters from Planet Corona by Chaya Passow

By Chaya Passow As Covid-19 spread throughout Israel, author Chaya Passow found herself living in a strange new world. In an effort to process this strange new planet we all seemed to have landed on, Passow wrote a series of letters over the course of months from Purim to the High Holidays. Passow offers very […]

[ARC Review] The Foreign Girls by Sergio Olguin

By Sergio Olguin Veronica Rosenthal, a young journalist, decides to get away from it all, touring scenic northern Argentina. While relaxing off the beaten path, she encounters two foreign tourists. One girl from Italy, the other from Scandinavia. The trio become fast friends, deciding to travel together, spending time at the country house of Veronica’s […]

[Book Review] Private Good Luck by Sherwin Gluck

By Sherwin Gluck After two years of navigating red tape, four siblings found their way out of Hungary and into the United States in 1940. Shortly after arriving to freedom, the youngest brother finds himself in the army, fighting to defend his American dream. This is a heartfelt and emotional story of the Jewish experience […]

[Book Review] Be Wild Be Free by Amber Fossey

By Amber Fossey So there’s a sloth, a bear, a koala, and a blob fish all woven with lovely, encouraging, and uplifting words for when life gets too, you know, “lifey”. This heartwarming picture book for grownups is perfect for a cozy snuggle up with a hot beverage when you just need a break from […]

[Book Review] River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America by Alexander Watson

By Alexander Watson River Queens follows the story of two unlikely boat owners who purchase and restore a wooden yacht. They then embark on a journey, along with their dog, exploring the American heartland, traveling by river from Texas to Ohio. The story details their adventures of life on the river. Watson does a remarkable […]

[Book Review] Adele and Tom: The Portrait of a Marriage by Chella Courington

By Chella Courington Adele and Tom: The Portrait of a Marriage is a work of short fiction, exploring the nuances between two very different writers. Tom is an economist, orderly and exacting. Adele is a creative-type, struggling in her own way. Courington’s lyrical and poetic writing style had be engrosed from the first page. This […]

[Book Review] Because It’s Israel: An Aliyah Odyssey by Arthur Miller

By Arthur Miller After thirty-five years of making annual trips to Eretz Israel, Arthur and his wife Ronnie, finally realize their life-long dream of making aliyah. Because It’s Israel is Miller’s first-hand account of their experience of adjusting to life in their new home. From purchasing real estate and a car to banking, to the […]

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Working with fellow authors is a great pleasure. Take a little time to peruse my interviews here. Are you an author with a project you would like to be interviewed about? Complete the form and I’ll follow up within 48 hours.

An Interview with Author Sherry V. Ostroff

Sherry V. Ostroff is the author of two books, The Lucky One, is a memoir originally published in 2016, and Caledonia, a work of historical fiction was published last year. She is a winner of the Indie Diamond Book Award. Q: Can you sum up Caledonia in 20 words or less? Caledonia is the tale […]

An Interview with Author David Biespiel

David Biespiel is the author of twelve books. I am excited to have the opportunity to interview him regarding his twelfth, The Book of Exodus, ahead of its September release. Q: Can you sum up A Place of Exodus in 20 words or less? The book is a memoir that tells the story of the rise […]

An Interview with Author AJ Sidransky

AJ Sidransky is joining my blog today to tell us about his newest novel, The Interpreter. We’re also getting insight into the third installment in his Forgiving series, Forgiving Stephen Redmond, set for release early next year. Q: Can you sum up the The Interpreter book series in 20 words or less? The Interpreter is […]

An Interview with Author Carol Novis

Carol Novis has worked for publications including Winnipeg Free Press, Cape Times and The Jerusalem Post. She has more recently started working in fiction, including a children’s book, entitled The Adventures of Mary Fairy. Today she joins me to talk about her cozy mystery series, Tension on a Pension. Carol Novis has worked for publications […]

An Interview with Author Ruth Rotkowitz

Ruth Rotkowitz was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1949 to Jewish Holocaust survivors who fled Vienna, Austria when Hitler came to power. This legacy has informed her research and her writing. Her debut novel, Escaping the Whale is currently available on Amazon. Q: Can you sum up Escaping the Whale in 20 words or […]

An Interview with Author Julie Zuckerman

Julie Zuckerman is the author of The Book of Jeremiah, released in 2019. Her short stories and non-fiction work have also appeared in several publications. Q: Can you sum up The Book of Jeremiah in 20 words or less?  Jumping backwards and forwards in time, the book explores the pivotal experiences in the life of […]

An Interview with Author Ashley Amber

Ashley Amber is a 26-year-old author who calls Boston home. Whether it was her first picture book that she entered in a Reading Rainbow contest at 9 years old, loads of fanfiction as a teenager, or her own novels, Ashley has always been writing. When she’s not writing, she’s making videos as an “Authortuber.” Ashley […]

An Interview with Author Leon Stevens

Leon Stevens is an author, composer, guitarist, songwriter, and an artist with a Bachelor of Music and Education. He published his first book of poetry: Lines by Leon – Poems, Prose, and Pictures in January 2020, a book of original classical guitar compositions, and a short story collection of science fiction/post-apocalyptic tales called The Knot at […]

An Interview with Author Sherwin Gluck

I am honored to have author Sherwin Gluck join me this week to provide further insight on his work on his father’s memoir. Glucks father escaped Czechoslovakia with three of his siblings in 1940, making their way to America. Q: Can you describe Private Good Luck in 20 words or less? The remarkable, true story of a […]

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