Ten Day Writing Challenge

As part of getting in shape to begin writing again, I started with a writing prompt per day writing challenge. If you’ve never tried something like this, I highly recommend giving it a try. Your challenge is to set aside one hour each day to take a prompt and just write. Don’t overthink this. No editing as you go. Just write. When your hour is up, allow yourself ten to fifteen minutes to reread your work and edit. Happy writing!

Day 1:

As she watched him from across the room, she’d never felt more certain of anything in her entire life.

Day 2:

It was at that moment that a strange feeling came over him, like he was watching himself from somewhere else.

Day 3:

Write a story based on this image.

Day 4:

A sense of satisfaction washed over him as he looked over his handiwork. This is just the beginning, he mused to himself.

Day 5:

She exhaled slowly, her back pressed against the door.

Day 6:

Her hands were washing the dishes but her mind was a million miles away.

Day 7:

As she looked across the vista, her soul felt at peace.

Day 8:

As the screen of her phone illuminated, she could feel the bile rising in the back of her throat.

Day 9:

Write a story from the perspective of a pet who has just learned they are adopted.

Day 10:

“And from what I hear, these detention centers aren’t all that bad.”

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