Meet Evelyn Berke

It is my privilege to introduce to you Ms Evelyn Berke. Ms Berke serves as the head librarian at a small private college, affectionately known as JC. But her true passion is history. Evelyn is an amateur historian, working with the local historical society, compiling the stories of the people and places around the sleepy, little coastal town where she lives and works.

Meet Evelyn Berke

Originally from the mid-west, Evelyn completed her Masters degree in Library and Information Sciences twenty-five years ago. While she enjoyed the work, especially hosting story time for preschool children and watching young adults find their passion for reading, her real motivation for pursuing work as a librarian was that she would have full time access to documents on microfiche. To Evelyn, this was Eden! She could spend hours combing through old newspaper articles, uncovering the stories of her community.

Evelyn accepted her current posting with JC five years ago. It was her stay at the Maple Street Boarding House that persuaded her to take the job. She could sense the house was harboring a secret and she had to find out what it was.

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