Meet Hillary Altman

Readers, I’d like to introduce you to the leading lady in The House on Maple Street, Hillary Altman. Hillary is a grad student at JC, pursuing her MA in Fine Arts. She’s an aspiring historical fiction writer and a hopeless romantic. She is also the newest tenant in the Maple Street Boarding House.

Hillary struggles to find her footing after her best friend decided to forgo grad school in favor of taking off to a horse farm in Arizona. Feeling lost and alone may be clouding her judgement about her mysterious neighbor, down the hall. There’s just something about him.

Meet Hillary Altman

To top it off, Hillary’s fellow tenants have repeatedly warned her to avoid their landlord, who resides on site. A warning Hillary thought wise to heed given no one seems to want to share the details of his apparent criminal past. She feels she can guess, based on the sounds of arguments between her landlord and his wife, coming from their basement apartment. Though the thought of it makes her uneasy. But all is not as it seems.

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