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Good evening dear reader! I am still working hard at writing and staying on schedule. I can’t wait for you to enjoy The House on Maple Street. I hope you’ve had a chance to check out my profile on Please send me a friend request!

Photo Credit

In addition to the updates about my progress, I hope you’re also enjoying the photography I share in my weekly blog posts. I am the artist behind those as well. I’m really enjoying getting to share one of my other passions with you, along with my writing. I mainly shoot landscapes when I travel. The images you’ve seen so far are from Iceland, Montreal, Vancouver, and Arizona. Please take some time to check out some of my other posts to see my images. Enjoy!

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10 Comments on “Photo Credit

  1. I’ll have to check out your photography! I am heading to Iceland in January. I’m so excited to take photos there! I am from Arizona, the landscape and climates there are so diverse and beautiful.

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  2. I am not sure if my comment posted haha so just in case, I just wanted to say that this is such a great photo! I am curious to see your Iceland and Arizona photography. I will have to check out your work. I am headed to Iceland in January, and I am excited to take photos there. I grew up in Arizona, I love the climates and terrain there; it makes a great place for shoots!

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