Book Review: Katie Watson and the Painter’s Plot

This week, I’m reviewing Katie Watson and The Painter’s Plot by Mez Blume.

The story opens with Katie Watson, a young girl who is feeling a little left out when her parents and older brother leave her to spend her summer holiday with her grandparents while they go hiking in the Scottish highlands. Katie is a mystery enthusiast and amateur sleuth. During a day trip to Otterly Manor, Katie Watson finds herself transported to another time.

I am admittedly not a frequent reader of young adult fiction but I’m starting to discover more of it. I was initially drawn to this book by the cover art. It’s really unique! I really liked the symbolism of the different images on the cover and how they tie into the story. The story is well paced and action packed. The heroine, Katie Watson, is wonderfully inquisitive and seems wise beyond her years. I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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  1. I think I want to read this book. I am a retired teacher and have often read young adult movels.

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