Book Review: The First Girl Child

This week I’m reviewing The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon

Orphaned by his mother, Bayr of Saylok is raised among the Keepers at Temple Hill. With her dying breath, his mother placed a curse on the land which prevents the people of Saylok from having daughters.

Bayr is blessed with superhuman strength. But he is also cursed with a speech impediment. His strength earns him the role of protector of Alba, Princess of Saylok, and the only girl child born in the country in the past twenty years.

Bayr and Alba, by virtue of their lineage, are each a threat to their country’s greedy king who gained the thrown with deception and murder. In order to defeat him, Bayr’s mother’s curse must be broken.

This is my first book by Amy Harmon and right away, I’m a fan! This story is incredibly well crafted around Viking culture and legend. The characters are wonderfully complex and multifaceted. The story is good balance of action and emotion. I really enjoyed this.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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