The House on Maple Street Wins Cover Art Award

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I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for the cover art for The House on Maple Street. The art was one of ten books participating in the February 2020 contest on The contest included a collection of 10 amazing book covers. Voting took place throughout the month of March and I am so pleased to announce The House on Maple Street was the winning cover.

My cover art was created by my amazing friend and incredible artist, Maggie Duford. It was a great experience to work with her on creating this beautiful cover that so perfectly captures the story. The original painting was created on painted paper, that was then torn and made into a collage. The ads and articles in the background allude to the sub-plot. The house is exactly as I imagined the boarding house, as I was writing the story. The colors and shading speak to the house’s troubled past because the house really is a character, itself, in the story.

To read more about the cover contest, visit their website.

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The House on Maple Street

From the Back Cover

Excited for a fresh new start, Hillary Altman is about to begin her first semester of graduate school at small New England college. Ever the procrastinator, Hillary waits to the last minute to find housing. But fate smiles upon her, when she takes a room in a picturesque Victorian home, run as a boarding house. But Hillary quickly finds, that all is not as it seems at The House on Maple Street…

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  1. Congratulations. I feel good because I voted for a winner. Keep us posted on any other times we need to vote.

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