Reader’s Favorite Gives The Package, A Novella 5 Stars Again!

Early reviews are coming in for The Package, A Novella. I am honored to receive a second five star review from Readers’ Favorite.

From Readers’ Favorite

The Package: A Novella by Heidi Slowinski is a short read packed with mystery and excitement. Noa, a travel blogger with plenty of initiative, purchases a jacket from a thrift store on a work-related trip. The jacket, while comfortable, has a strange note in the pocket. Initially, Noa simply ignores the note, but its strange aura compels her to follow its instructions. The note’s direction leads to Noa being passed an envelope and completing a delivery, for which she is financially compensated. Clearly, Noa has found herself in the middle of something she was never meant to be a part of. The situation goes far beyond making strange drops of envelopes and getting paid, and her new endeavors bring an element of danger into the equation. How deep is Noa willing to go?

Novellas by nature are succinct, often telling the story but lacking in description to show the story; The Package is different. Author Heidi Slowinski has done an excellent job of telling a riveting and mysterious adventure, while also painting a picture through the prose. The characters are real and believable. I was able to form attachments and become genuinely concerned and involved in the story. The dialogue is well-done and adds an element of reality to the story as well. Slowinski is an artist in the realm of mystery and wonder, and The Package is a prime example of that. A truly enjoyable short read, perfect for your next flight or travels–you won’t regret it!

 Joshua Soule for Readers’ Favorite

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Reader’s Favorite Gives The Package, A Novella 5 Stars

Early reviews are coming in for The Package, A Novella. I am honored to receive a five star review from Readers’ Favorite. From Readers’ Favorite The Package by Heidi Slowinski keeps you engaged from beginning to end. Noa is a travel blogger who is and has been since childhood a spy thriller junkie. On a […]

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