Not Sure What to Read Next – Create a TBR Jar

Talk about bookworm problems! There are so many amazing books that sometimes it’s just impossible to select your next great read. I get so tired of debating what to read next that I decided to create a reading challenge jar. Or as I like to to call it, my TBR jar.

Similar to date night jars or chore jars, the jar is filled with craft sticks. In this case, each one has a fun suggestion to help you find your next book.

What You Need

Putting together a reading challenge jar is very simple. All you need are:

An empty canning jar

Craft sticks

A marker or paint pen

A list of book suggestions

And that’s it!

Find Your Supplies:

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Get Creative

This is a great activity to do with kids so help them get creative when decorating their jars. Use paint pens to draw designs on the jar. Allow the paint to cure three days. Then bake the jar at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Allow the jar to cool completely and your paint will be water proof. Once the paint has cured, add other decorations, like stickers.

Label Your Craft Sticks

I opted for colored craft sticks because I thought they were fun and made the jar more exciting. These can also be decorated with markers, stickers, glitter, etc.

Label each stick with an idea for a book. There are tons of ideas for possible books. If you’re doing this project with young children, gear the ideas toward their reading level. Need ideas to get you started or just a fun reading challenge? I’ve compiled a list of 50 ideas in a free printable. Click the Download button below to get your copy (no email address required).

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Enjoy Your Next Book

Add your decorated and labeled craft sticks to your jar and you’re all done! Easy! The next time you need an idea for a good book, pick a stick from the jar.

How do you like to pick your next book?

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