An Interview with Author Michael Ross

Michael is a pantser. He writes by the seat of his pants. His claim to success is that he has the imaginative mind of a young boy.

It was a visit to a clairvoyant that insisted he write! he did do and hasn’t looked back. Hi is also an actor and voice actor and has 

won a number of awards for his books, some of which are best-sellers.

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Q: Can you sum up My Fairy Garden in 20 words or less?

The best fairy story book of all time!

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

Children first, then the Covid lockdown, the beginning  of my series The Big Fairy Adventures and finally the building of my fairy garden.

Q: Was it challenging to come up with such a large volume of unique stories?

No. In many ways this was the easiest of all the 18 books I have written so far, maybe because I let my heart take control and not my head!

Q: What was the most challenging thing about writing this book?

I have 72 fairies drawn by local children that are in the book…reading a 5 year-olds handwriting was very challenging at times!

Q: Do you have a favorite fairy in the book?

Oh yes, she is called Tinker Tanker. On the front cover of the book it shows me meeting her. She is a little overweight, but has a heart of gold. (She just likes her nectar too much)

she is on a keep fit course now, and so she has changed her name from `Tinker Supertanker, to just Tinker Tanker.

Q: What feedback do you get from readers?

They love it, especially the children themselves and parents and even grandparents. I never realised how many people believe in fairies!

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Q: What inspires you to write?

Please don’t tell anyone, but I still have the mind of a 6 year-old boy, full of imagination. Most of the books I write are fantasy books.

Q: Did you find any of the fairies difficult to write for?

No. And there are so many varieties of fairy. We all know the tooth fairies, but there are comical fairies that are there to make other fairies laugh, Fairies who specialize

in making fairy wands, also some that make the baby fairy wings even for young fairy babies. Did you know that every time a human baby laughs, a baby fairy is born!

Q: What is on your current reading list?

In all honesty, I don’t read other books when I am in the middle of writing my own books which i do constantly. I am just worried other authors ideas may come into my head! I want my stories to be as original as possible

Q: What is your next writing project?

I have two projects. Currently I am writing the 3rd book in my Big Fairy Adventures series called PIGSNOUT THE FAIRY EATER. But very actively involved in promoting books for children,

getting them to appreciate books, to look after them and hold them close. I am working with children in the UK, Croatia and at schools in the United Arab Emirates

Q: Where can readers connect with you (website, social media, etc)?




Pintrest: (thewandchronicles)

Instagram: @thewandchronicles

Q: Any closing remarks?

I really do believe we must nurture children’s love of books.

In fact, just recently I was chatting by zoom to some children. One asked me, why are books so important?

This is what I told them.

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