January Update from Author Heidi Slowinski

Heidi Slowinski

Happy 2022 readers! I hope the new year is off to a healthy start. It has been a productive start to the year for me. I am already ahead of schedule with my reading goals and meeting new authors through book reviews and interviews.

As I’ve been working through the month of January, I’ve decided to incorporate some additional articles and stories into my content in order to bring you more of my writing. This will include more of my own short stories, literary-themed articles, and updates on my next book.

Speaking of my next book, I am back to work on my current work-in-progress, Ruth Long, Age 88. This is a first-person narrative mainly from the point of view of the protagonist, Ruth Long. The twist is we’re meeting her on the day of her funeral.

I’m currently on what I’m calling my second draft, adding some additional scenes and an additional chapter. After making my last pass through the manuscript, I found that Ruth, along with her friends and family, have more to say. My first two books were written much more quickly than this one. As a writer, I’ve learned from those experiences and am approaching this book a little differently. Primarily, I’m approaching the writing more deliberately and giving the characters the space to fully develop. I don’t currently have a planned release. I’m going to let Ruth decide when she’s ready rather than trying to rush this one out. I will continue to give updates as the story progresses.

This month I’ve also started on a new venture that is still in early phases of development. I’m really excited about it. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the big announcement!

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Features on the Blog

In addition to the monthly short story contests, reading lists, and book reviews I’m incorporating more of my own writing, including:

  • Short Stories: starting this month, I’m featuring a short story on the second Monday of the month.
  • Articles: this month, I featured an article about feminism in Jewish literature. I appreciate all the wonderful feedback I received from readers on this month’s article.
  • Updates on my progress on my work in progress – I’m back to work on Ruth Long, Age 88 and looking forward to sharing updates.

Join 5,500+ Followers

As a thank you for registering for our email list, you’ll receive free printable reading journal templates and a bonus 100 book reading list!

My Books

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The House on Maple Street is now available in hardcover!

That’s right! My debut novel is now available in hardcover. Pick up your copy on Amazon today. It’s also available in paperback and e-book. Kindle Unlimited readers can read for free.

Take a minute to add it to your Goodreads reading list. And when you’ve finished enjoying it, please add a review.

Abandoned by her mother in early childhood, Noa was raised by her distant, apathetic grandmother. But a trip to the library in search of her new love, spy thrillers, leads Noa to a life long friendship with a librarian. Fast forward and Noa has established a successful travel blog and her librarian friend has become more like family.

A note in the pocket of a vintage jacket turns a working trip to Vancouver into a mission for a spy international network. The mission is simple. Take a package to a hotel restroom and leave. When things take an unexpected turn, Noa suddenly finds herself in a high stakes game of cat and mouse. Noa quickly finds all the novels in the world are no preparation for the game she’s playing. Will she complete her mission?

Click the image to get yours on Amazon
Click the image to get yours on Amazon

Although social and moral guidelines have slipped and changed (like the style of dress or undress) since Jane Austen wrote her books, the stories are still relevant to today’s readers. Those readers promote, defend, discuss, and have thoughts and opinions about JA and everything they can learn about her, as you will read within. Why are we still reading and discussing Jane Austen’s s, novels, letters, and quotes 200 years after she has passed away? Read on and you will learn.

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