Throwing Up on Paper

Okay, I’m really talking about a thought dump but that title got your attention, right?!

My thought dump was a chance to get all of my ideas out of my head and down on paper. The point of this exercise was not to hash out a specific outline for my upcoming book, get into the minutia, or worry about historical elements of the story I’m working on. The point was to just throw up on paper. Every thought I had went on the list. What started to emerge was the plot and potential sub plots for the book. I was able to start high level character profiles. I have a new level of understanding of the world I’m creating for my characters.

One of the many benefits to this process, along with getting everything swimming around in my head down on paper, it helped me start to identify the holes in my plot. It helped me find the conflicts in my story; the elements that made no sense. That happened again as I’ve started developing specific character profiles but we’ll get into that later.

I consider a thought dump a living document. As I am moving through the process of creating character profiles and building the world my story will exist in, I will be coming back to my thought dump for revisions and starting to firm up a solid outline.

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