Welcome to Maple Street

There was a vision in my head, when I started working out my plot line, of what the house my characters would live in would look like. I knew what I wanted it to look like but I couldn’t quite get my head around it. That is until I was combing through some old vacation photos. And there it was.

Welcome to Maple Street

I have found my inspiration for setting the stage for my story!

There has always been something that makes me wax poetic about a Victorian house with a turret. It’s somehow stoic yet romantic at the same time. I also enjoy the “gingerbread” details of the windows in this house. I can almost picture my lead character at the window in the turret, looking out over the quiet street on a sunny morning. Or one of my supporting characters reflecting on an unfortunate turn of events as rain gently patters against the dormer window.

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  1. I also love these kinds of houses too, and the older the better. This house looks like it should be in an old beach community!

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