Outlines and Sub Plots, Oh My!

Oh my is right! It’s been a busy week, dear reader. But I am pleased to say I have finalized my outline! My upcoming work, The House on Maple Street, is really starting to take shape and I’m so excited for it’s release in just a few short months.

When approaching my outline, I decided to approach it in two stages. Because the book has a distinct sub plot, interwoven throughout the main story. So, I started with the main story, putting together the key events of the book. This, of course, led to the discovery of more plot holes I had to fill in. Go figure! The number of times in this process that I’ve sat back and said ‘that doesn’t make any sense,’ is really surprising. Once the main story was mapped out and cleaned up a bit, I worked in the sub plot.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ve already had the opportunity to meet Evelyn Berke. And you know she is an amateur historian, researching the stories of the various buildings around town. She is also the main focus of the sub plot. As the story unfolds, you’ll get occasional glimpses into the work Evelyn is doing. The history of the Maple Street house plays an interesting role in the story that I look forward to sharing!

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