5 New Writing Prompts

In this new world of ‘safer at home’, I’m finding keeping myself motivated to write more and more of a challenge. Apparently, my muse is also practicing social distancing! If you’re finding it difficult to get the creative juices flowing, here are five new writing prompts to help!

5 New Writing Prompts
  1. You wake up one morning and find that you can only speak a language you don’t understand.
  2. You’re sitting at a cafe and start thinking of a joke when someone across the cafe looks over, laughing, and says, “good one”.
  3. You receive a letter in the mail only to discover you wrote it five years in the future.
  4. You report to your office for work to discover you’re now working for your company in 1960.
  5. You page through your journal before starting your daily entry to find none of the previous entries were written by someone else

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