Book Review #ShidduchCrisis

By Penina Shtauber

Shidduch dating is an Orthodox Jewish form of dating where singles are matched for the purpose of finding a spouse. It is an intense form of dating that occurs over a short period of time.

#ShidduchCrisis is a collection of short stories told from the perspective of young Jewish singles in the shidduch process. While fictional depictions of this process, each story is distinctive and has a unique voice. Every character is relatable and brings a different perspective to the experience.

I enjoyed this book as a lighthearted collection of stories talking about a major milestone in life. The choice of a life partner is such an incredibly important one. Certainly, in this particular process, there is so much pressure to make the right choice. Some of the stories in this collection were humorous. Others had an ironic twist and still others really make you think about what really matters. I found this very relatable. If you’re a fan of the Israeli series, Srugim, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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