Poem Feature: Little Things

Being a part of the blogging world has introduced me to so many amazing people! It’s been a great opportunity to interact so many talented writers. I enjoy having a platform to share their work with all of you too!

This week, I’m featuring a poem by Doc Hajirah M. I discovered her work through a Facebook group for blog promotion. I find her work really moving and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. A link to the original post can be found at the bottom of the text. Be sure to visit her blog at https://lyricsoflifepoems.blogspot.com!

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I walked through a road
Saw someone quite old
a fruit seller
Full of wrinkles
Whose eyes, Tell the tales
Of all his life's phase
Locked my gaze
With his
My heart skipped a beat
shifted my gaze
Smiling at my toenails,
Silently Praying in my heart
For a dart of ease
for him.
I felt the whole world
Centered around me.
As if
its laughing
At silly me.
Sobbing at her father's shoulder,
A child
Caught my attention
I felt amused
Smiled at her
Tear filled
Her eyes, got wider
She got Restless
Shook her head
at me
Felt like ripple of softness
Gathered around an emotion
Which I can't
It felt feather light
And joyous,
Made that part of my day
Heard a man singing
And humming,
In middle of the night.
As if
He was coming from somewhere,
That calmed his mind
Gave him delight,
in the time he got alone.
Me being at home,
Opened my window's drapes,
To see
Who was he?
Ended up enjoying the lyrics,
And laughing,
At his self created melody.
He got his share of joy
And I got mine.
People share
Moments and minutes
In a single paradigm
Without knowing.
River of Time
Keeps flowing.
By: @DocHajirahM

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