The Package, a Novella by Heidi Slowinski Set for Release on December 18th

My new novella, The Package: A Novella, is set for release on December 18th. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. This new e-book is a short thriller following Noa, a travel blogger who finds herself working for an international spy agency.

From the Back Cover:

Abandoned by her mother in early childhood, Noa was raised by her distant, apathetic grandmother. But a trip to the library in search of her new love, spy thrillers, leads Noa to a life long friendship with a librarian. Fast forward and Noa has established a successful travel blog and her librarian friend has become more like family.

A note in the pocket of a vintage jacket turns a working trip to Vancouver into a mission for a spy international network. The mission is simple. Take a package to a hotel restroom and leave. When things take an unexpected turn, Noa suddenly finds herself in a high stakes game of cat and mouse. Noa quickly finds all the novels in the world are no preparation for the game she’s playing. Will she complete her mission?

Pre-Order Your Copy Today

Pre-order you copy of my new e-book from Amazon today!

And don’t forget to check out my debut novel, The House on Maple Street, currently available on Amazon.

Early Reviews

Readers’ Favorite Gives The House on Maple Street 5 Stars

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Reader’s Favorite Gives The Package, A Novella 5 Stars Again!

Early reviews are coming in for The Package, A Novella. I am honored to receive a second five star review from Readers’ Favorite. From Readers’ Favorite The Package: A Novella by Heidi Slowinski is a short read packed with mystery and excitement. Noa, a travel blogger with plenty of initiative, purchases a jacket from a […]

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Read the Short Short

The Package: A Novella was inspired by a short story, by the same name. Read the story here:

Featured Short Story: The Package

Welcome back, reader! This week, I’m excited to highlight some of my short story writing for you. First, I’d like to thank Andy Thomson at The Blogging Station for featuring my short story, ‘Ruth Long, Age 88’. This story is based on a writing prompt to write a funeral scene from the viewpoint of the […]

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